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                           Rightly dried wood is a qualification for an excellent result!



 Wood and pallets drying units

Driers of wood and pallets,  models


 The drier unit is undergoing a test at a small kiln of the company


All units are made of acid-proof steel. They are  furnished with high-class fans and  electric heaters by stainless steel to clarify the troublesome environment which arise during the drying. It is even to get as long length of life as possible. The electric cables and other technical equipments are adapted to temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius.. All units have a CE-marking and the pallet driers are certified in Sweden.



 2001 P   

Drier unit for working in  profession









Front panel with (from left)

Ventilator (air input)


Fan (on- off)






BIM 2001 P is the smallest unit for working in profession

  • Clarify a kiln up to a lengths of three meter and 2 m3 wood.

  • Electric heater 2000 watt, 220 volt, earth connection, 10 ampere.

BIM 5000 P    Drier unit for working in  profession


BIM 5000 P

  • Clarify 6-7 m3.

  • Max. length of the kiln 7 m.

  • The unit is adapted to a smaller room or container (volume 20-40 m3)

  • Power input 5000 watt. 16 amp,  three-phase.

  • Air is supplied by the unit as you can read in a special direction for use, attached at the goods delivering.

  • The unit has thermostat, contact-breaker and a power lead-in at the front panel.

BIM 7500 P    Drier unit for working in  profession


  BIM 7500 P is

  • a bigger unit with  with about the same appearance.

  • It clarify about 10-12 m3 wood.

  • Max. length of the kiln 7 meter

  • Power input 7500 W

  • 16 A, three-phase


Another drying space

The unit BIM 7500P, at the back of the kiln superstructured with a roof to protect the panel of the unit.

An existing space is used to dry the wood. The picture shows how it has been laid, half meter above the floor to make it easy for the air stream.  

Drawings and building description


A drawing, easy to understand, and a description of  building a kiln can be sent to you cheaply.

Please send an e-mail or a fax.



BIM 10000 P    Drier unit for working in  profession


BIM 10 000 P

  • the biggest unit with about the same appearance.

  • clarify 13-14 m3 wood

  • Maximum length of the kiln 7 meter

  • Power input 10 000 W

  • 16 A, three-phase

BIM Pallets Drying Unit

  • 5000PP

  • 7500PP

  • 10000PP   



BIM 5000PP, BIM 7500PP, BIM 10000PP, certified in Sweden for pallets drying

  • The same performances as corresponding wood drier, with power input 5000, 7500 or. 10000 W, but

  • the inside of the front panel has an insulation

  • there is no ventilator

  • there are of oftast flera på containers gavel

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