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                           Rightly dried wood is a qualification for an excellent result!




Here you will find

  • A description of the drying method (something you need if you not have met this method earlier)


Dry wood easily and cheaply – with a simple and fast method


Rightly dried wood is a qualification for an excellent result!

BIM Trä & Maskin (BIM Wood & Mashine) has detected the necessity of simple, fast and good valuing woods and pallets driers in the market - for small and big needs - and therefore has developed driers by many efforts and experiments

Today we are proud of the results.  Many pleased customers have appreciated our efforts and have given us valuable viewpoints, which we have enclosed in our development work


What space do I need for the drying unit?


A specially built space or an exixting one can be used for drying. Even a special box/kiln can be used for smallr dryers (pictures below).  They equips with BIM drying unit. You can chose between 5 different sizes.

You can built the space yourself or make use of many different spaces, a container for example

The wood dying unit is placed as you can see in the picture to the right.



A box build with the opening at one side to fill or emty. The airflow leads below the wood. the result will be a uniform heat.


This is a space built by a costumer


Another space.

There are many solutions.  .

Drawing and building description


Easily comprehensible drawing will be send  by paying  postage.


Ring för mera information!

The method and fitting units

The wood will be heated to a rather high temperature.  The risk for mould will be insignificant..

  An adequate quantity of air will be bringed to the wood, which the directions for use shows.

Aggregatet modell BIM 5000P med termostat, brytare och väggintag på frontpanelen

All units are fastened at the floor level and at the gable of the kiln. .     

The whole unit is placed inside the kilnn only the front panel is visible outside. There you can find all control buttons and you can reglera open a luckaAbout 95 % av luften i torkutrymmet används på nytt, vilket gör att torkkostnaden blir mycket låg.  

Längre fram hittar Du de olika storlekarna på aggregat.  





Bilden till vänster visar färdigtorkat, sprickfritt virke i dimensionen 75 x 150 mm.


Torkat från råsågat till möbeltorrt virke.

     Snabb och billig metod

Exempelvis torkas 1 m3 lufttorkad fura (16-17 % fuktkvot) till möbeltorr (6-8 %) på ca 4-5 dygn. Strömkostnaden blir i detta fall ca 70-80 kronor.

Olika typer av fläktar i olika modeller

Fläktarna är speciellt anpassade till att tåla de höga temperaturerna.

Mer information

Detta är naturligtvis bara en kort, översiktlig beskrivning. Vi hoppas att Du tar kontakt med oss för ytterligare information och diskussion kring Dina önskemål.

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